How to customise your corset

Kiku Corset Boutique: made-to-measure corsetry, in the heart of Manchester.

Kiku stock a wide range of ready-made, fully hand crafted corsets in our standard styles, sizes and fabrics; for when you simply can’t wait for your new corset!

When ordering a custom corset you have a wide range of choices available – we have detailed many of the most frequently requested variants and embellishments below, but if you do not see the option/s you are looking for, please contact us on 0161 819 5031, or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

How to customise your made-to-measure corset order:

1. Choose fabric & colour.

Kiku make corsets in:

  • Silks, including raw/ dupion silks
  • Cotton coutil
  • Satin coutil
  • Vintage Obis
  • Printed cottons
  • Wool tweed
  • Limited edition fabrics; these are made in short runs only – when they’re gone, they’re gone!

Typically, when making special edition corsets, we will make only one in each size, and we pattern-match the panels; when using fashion fabrics with motifs, we pattern match the panel pieces so that patterns appear to flow across seams.

2. Choose the model of corset.

Please see linked articles for details of our standard models and sizes:

Classic Underbust Corset

Hip Gore Underbust Corset

Classic Overbust Corset

Hip Gore Overbust Corset

Corset Sizes

If you are based in, or visiting, Manchester; you are welcome to visit us in the Northern Quarter to try on different corsets to confirm which model fits and suits you best.

3. Model adjustments

Once you have chosen which corset shape and size you would like, you can decide if you would like the basic model adjusting. Some of the most frequently requested adjustments include:

  • Half sizes and custom sizes, for example, larger bust or hips
  • Lengthened or shortened torso
  • Longer or shorter busks
  • Raised or lowered hipline
  • Back shaping, e.g. high or decorative back
  • Hem shaping
  • Neckline shaping
  • Shoulder straps
  • Detachable suspender straps – 4 or 6
  • Attached suspenders that are shaped into the corset
  • Busk covers.

If you do not see the adjustment option you are looking for, please contact us.

4. Embellishment

Complete your custom corset order by deciding on the finish and choosing embellishments, such as:

  • Quilting
  • Trims: beaded trims, hand beading, studs, spikes and frills
  • Lace: Guipure and Chantilly laces, antique/ vintage lace (strictly limited edition)
  • Casings and bones: single or double boning; hidden casings, contrast casings, contrast stitched casings, embroidered casings, ruffled ribbon casings, double layer two-tone casings, hand flossing - flossed casings
  • Modesty panel: our standard modesty panels are loose panels made with the same backed fashion fabrics and English herringbone cotton coutil strength lining as your corset; they can also be boned, and/or constructed as a floating panel.
  • Machine embroidery: we can embroider your corset with your choice of lettering, pattern or logo.
  • Bindings: Kiku corsets are typically finished with matching, or contrast, handmade bias bindings.

To see photographs of both custom and ready-to-wear corsets by Kiku, please visit our gallery, Etsy store or Facebook page, where we have examples of pattern matched panel corsets, bridal wear, alt fashion, performance costumes and much more!